Gary-AnderkoMr O is amazingly talented. I’ve had the pleasure of getting four different massages so far and have my next one booked. He listens to your needs and makes you feel fantastic and totally relaxed! Call him soon as he gets booked up fast, though.

Gary Anderko

It is a great honor for me to write about my experience with Osvaldo Carrion. He was recommended to me by my step sister about four years ago, and ever since then, he has been not only my favorite massage therapist but also a great friend, someone i can talk to and trust. i work at a bank and i’am a full time student as well, therefore my days are long and stressful. thanks to Osvaldo’s skills and dedication i feel renewed and refreshed after every session, creating a balance in my everyday life. I highly recommend Osvaldo to anyone who is looking for a well experienced and professional massage therapist.

Melisa B.

Brian-McPhillipsAfter having engaged in intense training with my personal trainer, I had been in need of a full body massage. My partner treated me to a session with Osvaldo and it was amazing. He was able to finally release major tension and knots in my back and shoulders which has been difficult to cope with. His hot stone massage really did the trick! Thanks and I will be using you again!

Brian McPhillips

“I have had the privilege of being Osvaldo’s client since 2002. Osvaldo has been able to offer me the best healing hands through many years of stress of work, school (undergrad and grad school), travel and just me time. I have always felted comfortable, safe and cared for on his table. His professionalism, patience and attention to my needs are some of the many qualities that I admire about him the most. He always takes care of me. Thank you Osvaldo for always being there for me! I joke around with him at times and tell him that I wish I could afford him as my personal 24/7 massage therapist. “

Catherine A.

After having 2 back surgeries, it was really tough with movement and comfort in the area and going to all these chiropractors and massage therapist, they just weren’t cutting it for me. I would either be in worst pain or no relief at all….Then in 2012 one day on Facebook my prayers were answered and I seen a flyer for Osvaldo, I thought what the hell let’s give him a shot and phoned him immediately , and I am so glad I did. Osvaldo is the most professional and his intellect on how to target the muscles in the body to relax them is phenomenal…….his attention to detail is superb and me being a person who weight trains, he explains to you how he separates the muscle from the bone, giving them the opportunity to grow more which I thought was pure genius…… I have never felt any better from any other massage therapist. My mobility has improved tremendously…..I do my best to book him at least twice a month and pray he’s not booked up..Lol… but he’s always reliable and always come through me……You’re doing an EXCELLENT job Osvaldo Keep it up…

Oscar R.

I have been going to see Osvaldo Carrion for massages for years, now i have been experiencing pain in my lower back which i’d assumed was merely a result of aging. Osvaldo suggested letting him massage me, and I have to say, not only was the experience incredibly relaxing, but after even just the first massage, it left me feeling much less tense and sore than i’ve felt for a long time!

After having gone to Osvaldo for massages for the past few months, I sleep better, feel more energy throughout the day, and the lower back pain is now gone after also having made a few other adjustments in my daily routine with his advice! I am so grateful for the help he has given me!


I found Osvaldo on one of the websites. My back was bothering me, my hamstrings were tight and I decided to ask him a few questions. A lot of massage therapist advertise there massages services but they do not do what Osvaldo did. He told me about his education. Where he trained. What I was to expect from him. So that one day I asked him to massage me.. His massage was the best massage I have ever had in my life. I am 6ft 4in 300 lbs of thick muscle. Osvaldo got into all my muscles. Relaxed the pain I had in my hamstrings and worked out all the kinks in my back. Not only did he give me the best massage I have ever had, but he is professional, gages whether you want to talk or just relax and has the perfect energy to reflect what the needs are of his clients.
I, now, consider Osvaldo maintenance for good health. I see him on a regular basis. My body has never felt better. I always feel great after seeing him. He is my only little vacation for 90 minutes.
Keep up the great work!


I spend about an average of 8 to 10 hours at my computer. My body is so tight and tense, not to mention the stress of work. At the end of every month I have to be put back together. I recommend Osvaldo to anyone who deals with stress on a daily bases. I always love going to see Osvaldo! I feel that I am under constant stress, and he always knows just the massage to help me. I don’t have enough words to express how great he is. I will be a customer as long as he keeps doing this 🙂


That was hands down the best massage I had! Can not wait to get another one.

Steve G.

I’ve been getting the Hot Stone Massage from Osvaldo for the past three months now. During my first visit, Osvaldo interviewed me to figure out what type of massage was most effective for my needs. After the first Hot Stone session with Osvaldo, I decided to keep him as my massage therapist. Thanks to Osvaldo’s unique Hot Stone skills and use of different fragrances, my body/muscles feels less tense, relaxed/renewed for the following days to come. I Highly recommend Osvaldo to be your first experience and try his innovative Hot Stone Massage technique.. You will not be disappointed and will leave you begging for more.

Saul G.

Before I met Osvaldo, I had only received one, maybe two massages throughout my life. Neither of them were what most of my friends had promised…a life-changing, earth-shattering, rapturous event that would, in essence, make me feel like a new man. Those particular bland experiences only helped to stoke my skepticism about massage therapy, as well as virtually solidify my beliefs that massages were, indeed, hokey and a huge waste of money.

I shared this very information with Osvaldo when I met him, informing him of how my few experiences of being flattened and groped on the table were nothing short of mediocre. As a joke, and maybe part of a challenge too, Osvaldo claimed he could completely alter my so-called beliefs by giving me the massage of lifetime! I don’t quite remember if that’s what he uttered verbatim, but in essence, he felt compelled to shatter my opinion. So, knowing full-well I had nothing to lose, I accepted.

I have to say boldly and emphatically that Osvaldo was right! Hallelujah! Clearly this is a man who knows what he’s talking about, and without question, a man gifted at his craft! The entire experience was beyond incredible! Not only did Osvaldo use his magical hands to calm and pacify me, eliminating the stressful knots that were infiltrating my body, but he, somehow, greatly minimized, if not completely obliterated, some minor aches and mysterious creaks that I have acquired over the years.

Through the power of Osvaldo’s fantastic fingers and his sparkling, vigorous oils and ointments, I was lulled away into a beautiful, soothing place–miles away from the hustle and bustle of my own life, drifting into a wonderful world where aches, pains, and stress are virtually extinct. Osvaldo’s boundless knowledge of the human body and his insatiable desire to gratify are not only charming and endearing, but they are, of course, essential in satisfying what most people yearn for when seeking a massage therapist.

Before Osvaldo, the massage therapists I encountered, as gracious as they pretended to be, seemed to be too firmly fixed in turning a profit at whatever costs. There was something lacking from the way those particular monkeys spoke to me, treated me…much as if I was just another client, another random face, another feeder to their greed. With Osvaldo, it was a completely different experience. Osvaldo took the time to interview me beforehand, asked me a series of vital questions, a necessity he is steadfast about… much as if he was designing a unique massage tailor-made just for me. It’s hard to find someone in any industry who is willing to take the time to make sure that you are getting everything that you rightfully deserve.

I am now a believer, thanks to Osvaldo, my new favorite miracle worker!

J Todd Wilson

I was referred to Osvaldo from a friend that knew I had been having sporadic pain in my neck and upper back for quite some time. Since I am in an office all day at a computer, I assumed it was related to the position of the chair, etc. When I met Osvaldo, on my first visit, he listened to me and asked questions about the pain. After my first massage Osvaldo quickly determined the pain was due to my daily work stress and that I needed to change some of my workout routine and the positions I sit in at the office. It has been a year now since my first visit and I feel like a new person with more energy and look forward to each of my visits with Osvaldo. In the past I had had massages at various hotels in my travels, and at those times I had some temporary relief for the pain, but the pain always returned shortly after. Now that Osvaldo has determined the cause of the pain and helped me to adjust my lifestyle and posture, I feel a hundred times better as if there’s nothing I cant accomplish! Thank you Osvaldo!


I have had the pleasure of having three separate full body massages by Osvaldo.as well as a duo Message with my partner, and what a pleasure it is to have him as my message therapist.

Not only does he Message he also incorporates Yoga stretching techniques into his 90 Minute full body message, and would highly recommend him for 90 minutes of pure relaxation.

Jose R.